Political (Governance) structure

The Political structure has the following organs;

  • The Quinquennial Delegates’ Conference (QDC) is the Supreme Governing body of the Union. It determines the broad basic policies and programs by resolutions and elects the leadership of the Union every 5 years. It is constituted by representation of the National Executive Council and branch/district delegates.
  • The Annual Delegates conference (ADC) meets every year and its function is to approve and monitor the implementation of the Annual programs and Budget on behalf of the Quinquennial Delegates conference.
  • The National Executive Council (NEC) is the executive authority of the Union. The entire management of the affairs and activities of the Union between National Delegates’ Conferences are vested in the NEC in conformity with the resolutions and decisions of the conference.
  • The Regional Executive Council (RC) is a replica of the NEC at the regional level.
  • UNATU also has a branch in every district in Uganda which is run by the Branch Executive Committee (BEC). The BEC oversees the day to day activities of the branch and is responsible for coordinating branch activities with those at the Secretariat.


NEC_0001_Layer 3
Mr. Tumuhimbise Zadock

National Chairperson

NEC_0002_Layer 2
Ms.Okwalinga Grace

AG. Vice National Chairperson

NEC_0000_Layer 4
Mr. Ssali John

AG. National Treasurer

Ms. Adia Grace

National Sec. Planning & Organising

NEC_0029_Layer 5
Ms.Okiror Mary Jacinta Ikima

National Sec. Women Affairs

NEC_0006_Layer 6
MR. Bwambale Jervezious

National Sec. Disputes and Welfare

NEC_0005_Layer 7
Mr. Ochieng Francis

National Sec. Education, Professional Standards and Discipline

NEC_0028_Layer 8
Mr. Legesi Stephen Mwanika

Rep. Retired Teachers

NEC_0027_Layer 9
Mr. Ogwal Ambrose

Rep. Secondary Education

NEC_0026_Layer 10
Mr. Mugabi Daniel

Rep. Primary Education

NEC_0011_Layer 11
Mr. Kasirye Willy Ssekagya Eric

Rep. Teacher Eduction

NEC_0010_Layer 12
Mr. Atukunzire Naboth Nsiimire

Rep. BTVET - Tutors, Instructors & Teachers

NEC_0009_Layer 13
Mr. Allii Geoffrey

Rep. Teachers with Disabilities (TWDs)

NEC_0008_Layer 14
Mr. Ssengendo David

Rep. Head Teachers' Association - Primary

NEC_0007_Layer 15
Ms. Nakate Choltilda Kikomeko

Rep. Head Teachers’ Association - Secondary

NEC_0025_Layer 16
Ms. Byakutaga Beatrice

Rep. Principals’ Association of uganda

NEC_0024_Layer 17
Mr. Wandera Farooque

Rep. Youth

NEC_0023_Layer 18
Mr. Sande Vicent

Rep. BTVET Principals Association

NEC_0021_Layer 19
Mr. Kitakule Al-Hassan


NEC_0020_Layer 20
Mr. Mukasa Kaweesi Mathias

Chairperson Southern Region

NEC_0019_Layer 21
Mr. Mugenyi David

Chairperson Western Region

NEC_0018_Layer 22
Mr. Kwikiriza Alex

Chairperson South Western Region

NEC_0017_Layer 23
Mr. Omara Tom Ronald

Chairperson Northern Region

NEC_0016_Layer 24
Mr. Kuloba George Wamai

Chairperson Eastern Region

NEC_0015_Layer 25
Mr. Mori Samuel Sidoro

Chairperson West Nile Region

NEC_0014_Layer 26
Mr. Lochen Martin De Porres

Chairperson Karamoja Region

NEC_0013_Layer 27
Ms. Nabirye Teddy

Chairperson Central Region

NEC_0012_Layer 28
Mr. Kigada Musa

Chairperson Busoga Region

NEC_0022_Layer 29
Hon. Rwabushaija Margaret Namubiru

Workers MP

NEC_0030_Layer 30
Mr. Duluga Buni Phillip

Ag. General Secretary

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