Strategic objectives/thematic areas

UNATU’s work is guided by 5-year Strategic Plans. So far, the Union has successfully two Strategic Plans (2008-2012 and 2013-2017). In December 2017, UNATU officially adopted a new Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2022. For the next five years UNATU’s interventions will be guided by the following major strategic objectives under three thematic service areas:

-Building a Cohesive, credible and strong union

-Enhancing the right to and quality of education at all levels

-Enhancing socio economic development of Teachers

Building a Cohesive, credible and strong union
Enhancing the right to and quality of education at all levels
Enhancing socio economic development of Teachers

UNATU’s strategies-We do our work through;

  • Advocacy

UNATU develops responses to various social development issues that affect the achievement of quality Education For All (EFA) such as HIV/AIDS, Gender in education, education reforms, education in conflict and hard to reach areas, public/private relationships and the social security of teachers. Such programmes are done in coalition with other civil society organisations for a stronger bargaining force.

  • Collective bargaining

The core business of UNATU is to bargain for improved living and working conditions of teachers including remuneration and salary.

  • Research

Through our research initiatives, we are able to obtain data for evidence based advocacy as a way of engaging government to influence the negative aspects of education policies and for developing interventions that address the felt/identified membership needs.

  • Training

We train our membership with intentions of conveying knowledge, skills and competencies relating to our strategic interventions as well as collecting data and documenting cases for evidence based advocacy.

  • Lobbying & Policy engagement

UNATU rigorously lobbies with the various relevant authorities to minimize the negative aspects of the various policies that affect education and teachers.

  • Multi-stakeholder partnerships

These strategic partnerships and alliances have helped to build the capacity of the Union to achieve her intended goals.

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