Building a Cohesive, credible and strong union

Strategic Actions

  1. Internal capacity building

UNATU exists as a union to champion the interests and aspirations of its members and so its core mandate is to ensure that its members are united in their quests for services and that the union in itself is perceived to be fair and just in its dealing with members across all teacher grades. In the next five years UNATU will deliberately take steps to improve its internal systems to meet the increasing demands of its members and also take on a more proactive role in dealing with issues, complaints and concerns of the members so as to build a strong and cohesive trade union in Uganda.

  1. Strengthened efforts in membership mobilization and retention

UNATU is cognizant of the need to undertake deliberate steps to ensure that its membership grows but is also satisfied with the provision of services.

UNATU is taking big strides in ensuring that membership recruitment is taken on with a new dimension of marketing UNATU services and sharing of benefits through a systematic process of dialogue and consensus building across all categories of teachers. Critical to this process will be developing an organizational culture and ethos that aims to depict UNATU as an all-inclusive union with members owning, deciding and driving the agenda of the union with increased levels of satisfaction and met expectations.

3. Boosting resource mobilization and union sustainability

In the past five years UNATU has had most of its income mainly from member subscriptions. In order to increase income and boost union sustainability, in the next five years, UNATU plans to develop and implement a Union investment and resource mobilization strategy.

UNATU will also seek ways of increasing income from its existing investments and commercial ventures.

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