Improving the socio-economic status of the teacher

Strategic Actions

  1. To take the lead in promoting and improving teacher welfare schemes and investments at District and National levels

Teacher welfare has been found to be a motivating factor in enhancing academic performance. Over the past five years UNATU has successfully engaged government on securing the establishment and financing of the teacher SACCO. UNATU believes that in the next five years more capital injection should be undertaken by government and that plans should be developed to have the SACCO eventually transform into a teachers bank. In addition to access to credit facilitates UNATU also believes that teacher welfare schemes need to be developed and implemented that have Teachers welfare enhanced to improve on the provision of quality education in the country.

  1. To identify, promote and mainstream Teacher welfare schemes

Some of the planned actions for the next five years include; Identifying and promoting an appropriate health insurance scheme for teachers, Identify and develop a public- private partnership for teacher housing scheme, Mobilize communities to provide support to teachers, develop economic empowerment schemes for teachers and Develop and implement/advocate for children of Teachers schooling and welfare scheme.

  1. To mainstream issues of HIV/AIDS, gender, and disability rights issues in the teaching profession so as to enhance productivity and welfare

UNATU believes in mainstreaming of gender, rights and HIV/AIDs issues in the organizational activities.

In the next five years UNATU will embark on a systematic mainstreaming paradigm based on a needs assessment among the union staff and membership. A proactive approach will be undertaken to ensure that teachers who are HIV/AIDs positive are supported and live a life of dignity.

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