UNATU Achievements

Below are some of the ways members/ teachers have benefited from the Union over the years.

  • Belonging and identity: UNATU gives members free Identity Cards which gives them a sense of belonging. UNATU is the teachers’ trusted companion during and after their time of service in the profession. A number of members can testify about UNATU’s intervention in their individual cases concerning their career. UNATU handles members’ personal cases at no extra cost!
  • The Teachers’ watch dog: UNATU has always strongly and openly condemned and fought against policies, systems and practices that are oppressive to teachers through the media and other channels. UNATU is now recognized as the only authentic Teachers’ Voice.
  • Better status and welfare for our members: UNATU has continuously engaged Government resulting into teachers’ and head teachers’ salaries in all education sub sectors being gradually increased since 2006. Some categories of teachers have benefitted from an increment of over 60%.

-The Union also negotiated for the scientists’ allowance of 30% given to civil servants to be extended to teachers. Our efforts led to a new pay grade for science teachers that was effected in FY 2012/13.

-Through our negotiation, Government started the implementation of the scheme of service for teachers which resulted into a number of members benefitting from promotions. We are still advocating for the full implementation of the scheme across all education sectors.

-UNATU has also managed to settle several teacher management issues for example Unfriendly transfers, delayed payment of salaries and residual arrears, irregular appointments, unexplained deletion from payroll, gratuity payments, and many others including payroll retirement processes.

  • UNATU has also been the force behind the much-appreciated reforms in the payroll management system for example salary payments being decentralized and payments made before 28th of every month.
  • UNATU led the process of removal of grading of schools and now head teachers and Deputies regardless of the status of the school earn the same salary.
  • UNATU not only strongly condemned the unfair implementation of the Customized Performance Targets; a position that saved many headteachers from demotion but also technically caused the amendment of the CPTs from being punitive and supported the headteachers to internalize it.
  • Establishment of a teacher Economic support mechanism: In 2012, our UNATU SACCO was officially registered and has continued offering affordable financial services to members. UNATU also spearheaded the formation of the Uganda Teachers’ SACCO Union (Apex) now Walimu SACCO and championed the advocacy for the Presidential funds meant to supplement the Teachers’ welfare. This fund should be channeled to the Walimu SACCO as opposed to being managed by Microfinance Support Centre.
  • Popularization of Government policies and directives: UNATU ensures that members are updated with Government policies and directives which affect them directly. For example, the popularization of the MOES HIV/AIDS Workplace policy, revised Professional Code of Conduct, Validation exercises among others. UNATU acts as a credible source of information for teachers concerning their profession. UNATU has also been part of the task team developing a national Teacher policy and a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework.
  • World Teachers’ Day: Through UNATU’s efforts, Government recognizes 5th October as World Teachers Day and allows teachers to celebrate even on week days. H.E the President also pledged to lobby cabinet to designate the day as a Public Holiday.
  • Leadership: UNATU has mentored many teachers into national and global leadership positions by giving them an opportunity to serve in various positions within the union structures. UNATU leadership gives members an additional boost on their C.Vs which gives them an added advantage during promotions and other opportunities.
  • Relief and rescue: UNATU has on many occasions offered support in form of relief items, medical assistance and other support to members during times of crisis.
  • Gender and women empowerment: Through our Gender and Women Empowerment strategy, women members and other male colleagues in the union have benefitted from our empowerment programmes. This has built their skills and knowledge and motivated them to pursue leadership and also start projects to empower them financially. This has been done through trainings, Publications and the annual Women’s Round Table Conferences.
  • Professional development: We have continued to respond to our members’ professional development needs through Social Development programs; some with the support of partners. Key among these are; In-service Training (INSET) for Primary teachers, the Schools and Teachers Innovating for Results (STIR) programme coordinated by UNATU benefitting secondary school teachers and leadership and mentorship programme for head teachers operating within the INSET Project areas. UNATU also links members to scholarships.
  • Recognition awards: In 2007, UNATU introduced nationwide non-monetary awards (Educators of Excellence) for teachers as is the case in other professions. In conjunction with the Office of the President, the first Presidential Educators of Excellence awards were launched during the World Teachers’ Day celebrations in 2010. The practice of recognizing outstanding teachers has since been adopted by other organizations.

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