• Scholarships

    UNATU-CTF Scholarship Program for Women 2017 ,7 Bursaries Available!  Check our ADVERTS page for more details.

Thematic Service areas

UNATU’s Strategic objectives / Thematic areas:

UNATU’s interventions are guided by the following major strategic objectives under four thematic areas:

  1. To strengthen UNATU’s capacity to represent teachers’ interests, concerns and needs at local , national and international levels-Building a Strong & Credible Teachers’ Union.
  2. To strengthen teachers professional, accountability standards and expertise- To improve teacher economic status and motivation-Teacher professionalism, social economic status and morale.
  3. Contribute to the improvement of access to quality education for children in Uganda-Quality of Education.
  4. Engage with Government and other key stakeholders on social development issues that affect education-Learners’ and Teachers’ Social Development.

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