Who We Are


Uganda National Teachers’ Union is a Teachers’ Labour Union that was registered in March 2003 under the Trade Union Act of 1971 which has now been repealed and replaced by the Labour Unions Act, 2006 to promote and protect the Social, Economic, intellectual and professional interests of its members/teachers. UNATU is also formally recognized as a Public Service Union under the Public Service Negotiating, Consultative and Disputes Settlement Machinery, Act 2008.


A high quality, broad based member driven, self sustaining and independent teachers’ organisation that is capable of serving the needs of education and its membership


UNATU exists to promote and protect the social, intellectual, economic and professional interests of its members/teachers to deliver quality education, through active negotiation, capacity development, policy advocacy and influencing, research, documentation and shared learning.


Solidarity-standing together as a Union in all that we do and seek to achieve.

Member satisfaction- Requiring us to work towards the benefit and satisfaction of all our members, benefactors and beneficiaries of our actions

Integrity- at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgment and communication with others and in the use of organization resources

Professionalism- demonstrates and promotes a high degree of professionalism in all our actions.

Collective Action –seeking to promote team work and collectively celebrate success and mourn the failures

Equity- ensuring equal opportunity to all our members and beneficiaries,

Transparency and accountability- ensuring that in all its work processes and image UNATU undertakes to promote transparency and accountability to its members and donors

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